Our Certifications

Hass Peru S.A. seeks the excellence in his processes through international certifications to provide high quality products. The continuous improvement is the boost to continue on this way.

Our employees are sensitized and committed for ensured the quality through a control strict of security in the cultivation,harvest and marketing of ours agricultural products.

Hass Peru S.A. has the certification in the GLOBAL STANDARD G.A.P. for fruits and vegetables, ensuring the good agricultural practices that our company maintains in his processes, from soil management, phytosanitary applications until packaging and storage.

Also, we certify at SMETA which guarantees a secure and healthy enviroment for our employees, reinforcing, the good practice of social responsability.

We also obtained the GRASP certification which is a voluntary module of "GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment for Social Practices". With him, we reaffirm our commitment to all our employees through good social management in our operations.