Social Responsability

Our social responsability politics, quality control and enviromental respect allows us offer to our employees, suitable work conditions and to our customers, agricultural products with high quality standars.


Hass Peru S.A. such as social and enviromental responsable company, is firmly commited with their employees, the ecology and the enviroment which are their sustainable source for ensure high quality products in national and international markets.

Hass Peru S.A. is engaged to enviromental sustainability, social and enviromental commitment which are the principal axis in the development in their operations.


 Hass Peru S.A. is aware of enviromental problems and they worries for develop differents activities along its value chain that allows you to  achieve the environmental and ecological balance.



 In compliance with the standard environmental control and following  indicating the legal framework, Hass Peru  develops actions different  such as water monitoring quality and air monitoring, among others, that allow us to improve management of care and responsibility to the  environment.



 Hass Peru S.A. has a development plan for the benefit of its stakeholders based on personal growth and the characteristics  of each stakeholder  needs.
 We provide job opportunities for the communities surrounding our operations, constantly generating new jobs and development to the                                      families of the province of Viru.